SNMP++  3.3.4
CSNMPMessageQueue Class Reference

#include <msgqueue.h>

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class  CSNMPMessageQueueElt

Public Member Functions

 CSNMPMessageQueue (EventListHolder *holder, Snmp *session)
virtual ~CSNMPMessageQueue ()
CSNMPMessageAddEntry (unsigned long id, Snmp *snmp, SnmpSocket socket, const SnmpTarget &target, Pdu &pdu, unsigned char *rawPdu, size_t rawPduLen, const Address &address, snmp_callback callBack, void *callData)
CSNMPMessageGetEntry (const unsigned long uniqueId)
int DeleteEntry (const unsigned long uniqueId)
void DeleteSocketEntry (const SnmpSocket socket)
CSNMPMessageGetNextTimeoutEntry ()
int GetNextTimeout (msec &sendTime)
void GetFdSets (int &maxfds, fd_set &readfds, fd_set &writefds, fd_set &exceptfds)
int HandleEvents (const int maxfds, const fd_set &readfds, const fd_set &writefds, const fd_set &exceptfds)
int GetCount ()
int DoRetries (const msec &sendtime)
int Done ()
int Done (unsigned long)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CEvents
virtual ~CEvents ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SnmpSynchronized
 SnmpSynchronized ()
virtual ~SnmpSynchronized ()
void lock ()
void unlock ()

Protected Attributes

CSNMPMessageQueueElt m_head
int m_msgCount

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from SnmpSynchronized
pthread_mutex_t _mutex

Detailed Description

Definition at line 151 of file msgqueue.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CSNMPMessageQueue::CSNMPMessageQueue ( EventListHolder holder,
Snmp session 
virtual CSNMPMessageQueue::~CSNMPMessageQueue ( )

Member Function Documentation

CSNMPMessage* CSNMPMessageQueue::AddEntry ( unsigned long  id,
Snmp snmp,
SnmpSocket  socket,
const SnmpTarget target,
Pdu pdu,
unsigned char *  rawPdu,
size_t  rawPduLen,
const Address address,
snmp_callback  callBack,
void *  callData 
int CSNMPMessageQueue::DeleteEntry ( const unsigned long  uniqueId)
void CSNMPMessageQueue::DeleteSocketEntry ( const SnmpSocket  socket)
int CSNMPMessageQueue::Done ( )

Implements CEvents.

int CSNMPMessageQueue::Done ( unsigned  long)
int CSNMPMessageQueue::DoRetries ( const msec sendtime)

Implements CEvents.

int CSNMPMessageQueue::GetCount ( )

Implements CEvents.

Definition at line 182 of file msgqueue.h.

CSNMPMessage* CSNMPMessageQueue::GetEntry ( const unsigned long  uniqueId)
void CSNMPMessageQueue::GetFdSets ( int &  maxfds,
fd_set &  readfds,
fd_set &  writefds,
fd_set &  exceptfds 

Implements CEvents.

int CSNMPMessageQueue::GetNextTimeout ( msec sendTime)

Implements CEvents.

CSNMPMessage* CSNMPMessageQueue::GetNextTimeoutEntry ( )
int CSNMPMessageQueue::HandleEvents ( const int  maxfds,
const fd_set &  readfds,
const fd_set &  writefds,
const fd_set &  exceptfds 

Implements CEvents.

Member Data Documentation

CSNMPMessageQueueElt CSNMPMessageQueue::m_head

Definition at line 215 of file msgqueue.h.

int CSNMPMessageQueue::m_msgCount

Definition at line 216 of file msgqueue.h.

Snmp* CSNMPMessageQueue::m_snmpSession

Definition at line 218 of file msgqueue.h.

EventListHolder* CSNMPMessageQueue::my_holder

Definition at line 217 of file msgqueue.h.

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