SNMP++  3.3.4
v3MP::Cache::Entry_T Struct Reference

#include <mp_v3.h>

Collaboration diagram for v3MP::Cache::Entry_T:

Public Attributes

int msg_id
unsigned long req_id
OctetStr sec_engine_id
int sec_model
OctetStr sec_name
int sec_level
OctetStr context_engine_id
OctetStr context_name
struct SecurityStateReference * sec_state_ref
int error_code
bool local_request

Detailed Description

Definition at line 519 of file mp_v3.h.

Member Data Documentation

OctetStr v3MP::Cache::Entry_T::context_engine_id

Definition at line 527 of file mp_v3.h.

OctetStr v3MP::Cache::Entry_T::context_name

Definition at line 528 of file mp_v3.h.

int v3MP::Cache::Entry_T::error_code

Definition at line 530 of file mp_v3.h.

bool v3MP::Cache::Entry_T::local_request

Definition at line 531 of file mp_v3.h.

int v3MP::Cache::Entry_T::msg_id

Definition at line 521 of file mp_v3.h.

unsigned long v3MP::Cache::Entry_T::req_id

Definition at line 522 of file mp_v3.h.

OctetStr v3MP::Cache::Entry_T::sec_engine_id

Definition at line 523 of file mp_v3.h.

int v3MP::Cache::Entry_T::sec_level

Definition at line 526 of file mp_v3.h.

int v3MP::Cache::Entry_T::sec_model

Definition at line 524 of file mp_v3.h.

OctetStr v3MP::Cache::Entry_T::sec_name

Definition at line 525 of file mp_v3.h.

struct SecurityStateReference* v3MP::Cache::Entry_T::sec_state_ref

Definition at line 529 of file mp_v3.h.

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