SNMP++  3.3.4
Oid Member List

This is the complete list of members for Oid, including all inherited members.

clone() const Oidinlinevirtual
get_asn1_length() const Oidvirtual
get_printable() const Oidinlinevirtual
get_printable(const unsigned long n) const Oidinline
get_printable(const unsigned long start, const unsigned long n, char *&buffer) const Oid
get_printable(const unsigned long start, const unsigned long n) const Oidinline
get_syntax() const Oidinlinevirtual
len() const Oidinline
nCompare(const unsigned long n, const Oid &o) const Oidinline
nCompare(const Oid &o) const Oidinline
Oid(const char *oid_string, const bool is_dotted_oid_string=true)Oid
Oid(const Oid &oid)Oidinline
Oid(const unsigned long *raw_oid, int oid_len)Oidinline
OidCopy(SmiLPOID srcOid, SmiLPOID dstOid) const Oidinlineprotectedvirtual
OidToStr(const SmiOID *srcOid, SmiUINT32 size, char *string) const Oidprotectedvirtual
operator!=(const Oid &rhs) const Oidinline
operator+(const Oid &lhs, const Oid &rhs)Oidfriend
operator+=(const char *a)Oid
operator+=(const unsigned long i)Oidinline
operator+=(const Oid &o)Oidinline
operator<(const Oid &rhs) const Oidinline
operator<=(const Oid &rhs) const Oidinline
operator=(const char *dotted_oid_string)Oidvirtual
operator=(const Oid &oid)Oidinlinevirtual
operator=(const SnmpSyntax &val)Oidvirtual
operator==(const Oid &rhs) const Oidinline
operator>(const Oid &rhs) const Oidinline
operator>=(const Oid &rhs) const Oidinline
operator[](const unsigned int index)Oidinline
operator[](const unsigned int index) const Oidinline
set_data(const unsigned long *raw_oid, const unsigned int oid_len)Oid
set_data(const char *str, const unsigned int str_len)Oid
StrToOid(const char *string, SmiLPOID dstOid) const Oidprotectedvirtual
trim(const unsigned long n=1)Oidinline
valid() const Oidinlinevirtual