SNMP++  3.3.4
auth_priv.h File Reference

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class  Auth
 Abstract class for auth modules. More...
class  Priv
 Abstract class for priv modules. More...
class  AuthPriv
 Class that holds all authentication and privacy protocols for a snmp entity. More...
class  AuthSHA
 Authentication module using SHA. More...
class  AuthMD5
 Authentication module using MD5. More...
class  PrivDES
 Encryption module using DES. More...


#define SNMPv3_USM_MAX_KEY_LEN   32
#define SNMPv3_AP_OUTPUT_LENGTH_MD5   16


typedef AuthAuthPtr
typedef PrivPrivPtr

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Definition at line 45 of file auth_priv.h.


Definition at line 46 of file auth_priv.h.

#define SNMPv3_AP_OUTPUT_LENGTH_MD5   16

Definition at line 49 of file auth_priv.h.

Referenced by AuthMD5::get_hash_len().


Definition at line 50 of file auth_priv.h.

Referenced by AuthSHA::get_hash_len().

#define SNMPv3_USM_MAX_KEY_LEN   32

Definition at line 42 of file auth_priv.h.

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typedef Auth* AuthPtr

Definition at line 328 of file auth_priv.h.

typedef Priv* PrivPtr

Definition at line 329 of file auth_priv.h.