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agentxConnectionEntry Class Reference

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#include <agentx_mib.h>

Inheritance diagram for agentxConnectionEntry:

Public Member Functions

 agentxConnectionEntry (TimeStamp *)
virtual ~agentxConnectionEntry ()
virtual void set_row (MibTableRow *, u_int, const Oidx &, const NS_SNMP OctetStr &)
virtual u_int add (const Oidx &, const NS_SNMP OctetStr &)
virtual void remove (u_int)

Static Public Attributes

static agentxConnectionEntryinstance

Static Protected Attributes

static u_int next_connection

Detailed Description


"An agentxConnectionEntry contains information describing a single AgentX transport connection. A connection may be used to support zero or more AgentX sessions. An entry is created when a new transport connection is established, and is destroyed when the transport connection is terminated. "

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

agentxConnectionEntry::agentxConnectionEntry ( TimeStamp *  )
virtual agentxConnectionEntry::~agentxConnectionEntry ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual u_int agentxConnectionEntry::add ( const Oidx &  ,
const NS_SNMP OctetStr &   
virtual void agentxConnectionEntry::remove ( u_int  )
virtual void agentxConnectionEntry::set_row ( MibTableRow *  ,
u_int  ,
const Oidx &  ,
const NS_SNMP OctetStr &   

Member Data Documentation

agentxConnectionEntry* agentxConnectionEntry::instance
u_int agentxConnectionEntry::next_connection

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