AgentX++  2.0.5
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agentppAgentXExtSrcAddrTag Class Reference

agentppAgentXExtSrcAddrTag More...

#include <agentpp_agentx_mib.h>

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Public Member Functions

 agentppAgentXExtSrcAddrTag (const Oidx &)
virtual ~agentppAgentXExtSrcAddrTag ()
virtual MibEntryPtr clone ()
virtual NS_SNMP OctetStr get_state ()
virtual int prepare_set_request (Request *, int &)

Detailed Description


"The source address tag selects address descriptions from the snmpTargetAddrTable and the snmpTargetAddrExtTable. The selected addresses from the snmpTargetAddrTable combined with the masks defined in the snmpTargetAddrExtTable specify valid source addresses for AgentX++ subagent connections."

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

agentppAgentXExtSrcAddrTag::agentppAgentXExtSrcAddrTag ( const Oidx &  )
virtual agentppAgentXExtSrcAddrTag::~agentppAgentXExtSrcAddrTag ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual MibEntryPtr agentppAgentXExtSrcAddrTag::clone ( )
virtual NS_SNMP OctetStr agentppAgentXExtSrcAddrTag::get_state ( )
virtual int agentppAgentXExtSrcAddrTag::prepare_set_request ( Request *  ,
int &   

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