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MibStaticEntry Class Reference

The MibStaticEntry class represents an entry (instance) within a MibStaticTable. More...

#include <mib_complex_entry.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MibStaticEntry (const Vbx &v)
 MibStaticEntry (const Oidx &o, const NS_SNMP SnmpSyntax &v)
 MibStaticEntry (const MibStaticEntry &other)
OidxPtr key ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Vbx
 Vbx ()
 Vbx (const NS_SNMP Vb &vb)
 Vbx (const NS_SNMP Oid &oid)
 Vbx (const NS_SNMP Oid &oid, const NS_SNMP SnmpSyntax &val)
 Constructor with oid and value.
Oidx get_oid () const
 Return the oid value of the receiver.
void get_oid (Oidx &oid) const
void clear ()
 Clear the content of the variable binding.
Vbxclone () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Vbx
static bool equal (Vbx *, Vbx *, int)
 Compare two Vbx arrays for equality.
static int to_asn1 (Vbx *, int, unsigned char *&, int &)
 Encode a given array of variable bindings into a octet stream using ASN.1 (BER).
static int from_asn1 (Vbx *&, int &, unsigned char *&, int &)
 Decode a character stream that holds BER encoded sequence of variable bindings into an array of variable bindings.

Detailed Description

The MibStaticEntry class represents an entry (instance) within a MibStaticTable.

Frank Fock

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MibStaticEntry::MibStaticEntry ( const Vbx v)
MibStaticEntry::MibStaticEntry ( const Oidx o,
const NS_SNMP SnmpSyntax &  v 
MibStaticEntry::MibStaticEntry ( const MibStaticEntry other)

Member Function Documentation

OidxPtr MibStaticEntry::key ( )

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