AGENT++  4.0.3
Vbx Member List

This is the complete list of members for Vbx, including all inherited members.

clone() const Vbxinline
equal(Vbx *, Vbx *, int)Vbxstatic
from_asn1(Vbx *&, int &, unsigned char *&, int &)Vbxstatic
get_oid() const Vbxinline
get_oid(Oidx &oid) const Vbxinline
operator==(const Vbx &, const Vbx &)Vbxfriend
to_asn1(Vbx *, int, unsigned char *&, int &)Vbxstatic
Vbx(const NS_SNMP Vb &vb)Vbxinline
Vbx(const NS_SNMP Oid &oid)Vbxinline
Vbx(const NS_SNMP Oid &oid, const NS_SNMP SnmpSyntax &val)Vbxinline