AGENT++  4.0.3
List< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for List< T >, including all inherited members.

add(T *t)List< T >inline
addFirst(T *t)List< T >inline
addLast(T *t)List< T >inline
clear()List< T >inline
clearAll()List< T >inline
empty() const List< T >inline
first() const List< T >inline
getNth(int n) const List< T >inline
headList< T >protected
index(T *t) const List< T >inline
insertAfter(T *item, T *elem)List< T >inline
insertBefore(T *item, T *elem)List< T >inline
last() const List< T >inline
List()List< T >inline
ListCursor< T > classList< T >friend
overwriteNth(int n, T *t)List< T >inline
position(T *t) const List< T >inline
remove(T *i)List< T >inline
remove(ListItem< T > *victim)List< T >inline
removeFirst()List< T >inline
removeLast()List< T >inline
size() const List< T >inline
tailList< T >protected
trim(int n)List< T >inline
~List()List< T >inline